How To Present Your Fashion Portfolio

How To Present Your Fashion Portfolio (and Kick some Butt!)

Having a great portfolio is very important for jump starting a career in fashion. It displays your flair in fashion designing, creativity, experience, special skills, and abilities.  As a whole, your fashion portfolio will show your evolution as a fashion designer. Consequently, a fashion design portfolio can either make or break a job application.

There are certain guidelines for a fashion portfolio. Use the tips below to get started.

Get something to hold and organize your work. This can be a variety if things. If you are young and starting out, a black A3 binder with page inserts works well. It may be best to spend the money on a nice large portfolio or presentation folder from a craft store or office supply store.

Collect samples of your best work, and begin to organize or group them together by collection. If you have multiple collections to display, you may include a few samples of inspiration for the design. This will help the viewer understand your source of inspiration for the collection better.

Include your sketches. These should be large, colored final sketches of the design. This shows your original intentions with the design. If there is room, you may even include small preliminary sketches that show the development of your design.  It is also important to  include technical sketches of your designs showing the seams and other design features.

Include fabric swatches. These are small pieces of fabric that show what you would make the designs out of, or what you intend to make the designs out of. They may be small squares, but have enough of the fabric to show the texture or pattern well. Some fabric stores may give free or sell swatches, or you may have to buy a small amount of fabric.

Include finished photos of the fashion design in your portfolio if you have some. Anything that you actually make should be photographed while someone is wearing it. The photo should also be in color and large enough to show detail.

Put the work in a logical order. Think about the emotions or feelings that each photo or design evokes when you look at it. Consider each one and whether they flow in the order of a sort of story.

Go digital. With the technology of today, many places prefer a digital copy burnt to disc. If you apply to colleges or jobs far away, the only source of contact may be through email and over phone. Scan all images and sketches, and creatively place them in order to be viewed easily. This can be very simple or get very complicated.

8. Consider your own web page or Fashion Blog. Include a profile about yourself, your fashion style, inspirational pictures, and your portfolio and pictures of your design online. These days may interviewers are ‘google’ searching your name after an interview to see if what internet profile your have!  If you have your own webpage or blog, this can be a fantastic way to showcase your work, to any employer around the world. The other advantage is that after the jjob interview where you have shown your portfolio, the interviewer can view your work again easily after the interview, to refresh their minds. ( more info on this point later in this manual.)

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