How to Get a Fashion Design Job

Things You’ll Need to Get a Killer Fashion Job:

Are you dying to break into the fashion industry, but don’t know where to begin?  Here is some killer advice to jump-start your ‘dream’ and turn it into a reality!


If you want to get a job at a major fashion house, or fashion retailer you will usually either need some sort of fashion experience.  This can include the fashion course online that you have signed up to.

You don’t have to have a fashion degree at a TAFE, or University or College, just as long as you have taken some fashion related courses that show you know how the fashion industry works. If the course was run by a fashion industry expert, you have high chances that you will be taught the most relevant and up to date industry practices, as opposed to theory based teachers who aren’t  actually working in the fashion industry.


The easiest way to break into the industry and to get a start is to get work experience or do an internship.  The more places that you do work experience at, the more experience your resume will have, and look favourable to your future employers.

There are always internship’s listed on sites like,, and You will probably have to filter through a lot of companies that might just be looking for free labor. This is still a golden opportunity to get your real fashion industry experience up.

Other places to look for a intern position or for work experience is in a fashion boutique or retail store.  Retail experience never, ever goes astray in the fashion industry. At the end of the day, its all about selling clothes, and presenting clothes well to the customer. So, if you have fashion retail experience- even if its just a position as shop assistant- you will gain valuable experince of the target market, what styles sell well, what the most popular price is that the target market want to spend, most popular colours and fits!  This is all very very valuable information that future employers will want to know about their competitors!

We have complied a list of possible fashion retailers that you can approach later in this manual


Once you have obtained an internship, this is where the real work begins. You must be willing to swallow your pride and work for free for the duration of the internship; and do it like you couldn’t be happier to be making nothing. People in the office will notice if you are the intern who is always working hard, coming in extra days, staying as late as the employees, and never complains!

Do not be afraid to tell the people you are interning under, that you are interested in a job at the company. You can’t receive what you don’t ask for. They will admire your confidence for asking. If you don’t ask, the employer may think that you are not interested in working there.

Being direct is your best approach.

When you are doing work experience make sure that you record in a journal or dairy every activity that you do each day.  At the end of your experince, ask your manager to write you a reference that includes all the activities that you did in bullet point format, along with a personal character reference.  This reference will show future employers proof that you have done those activities before, and have a good working ethic. Treat this reference like gold! Always leave on good terms after your work experience has finished, even if you didn’t like the work you had to do.  You never know where your paths will cross again!

So, after doing an awesome job at your internship, and expressing your interest in a permanent position, you will hopefully have the chance to interview! (fingers crossed!)

You may or may not get offered a job at the end of your work experience or internship.  Don’t worry if they don’t offer you a job- it’s still valuable experience that will help you get a job elsewhere.

If you are a designer, make sure your portfolio is up to date and relevant to the company that you are applying to. Your resume should be clear, concise yet in depth, neat, and as professional as possible.

In your interview with your work experience company try to be as confident, charming, and energetic as possible.  The great thing about interviewing at a company where you interned, is that if you did a rockstar job while you were there, you will have already built a great reputation! (You would be surprised how many good things might have been said about you already, which gives you an advantage over random people who might be interviewing for the same position.)

If you are not able to land a position at that company, at least you have some experience under your belt. I would recommend checking for a great list of all fashion industry related jobs, including an entry level section. If you persevere in your job search, nothing can stop you from landing that dream position!

‘’Just remember the old saying, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!’’

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