Fashion Design Job Interview Techniques

You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression!

Clichés are clichés for a reason. Often they are true. Interest in a candidate is generally decided within the first twenty minutes.

Prep Work

What can you do to ensure that you aren’t ruled out before the interview even starts. The success formula for any interview is preparation. Perform the necessary research to learn as much as possible about the company before you go in.

Scour the company’s website and write down possible questions to ask. You want to show case how much you know about the company in the interview. Read up on any news that’s particularly relevant to the company, or any recent marketing campaigns or product launches.

If your prospective employer has retail outlets in the area, visit them to get a feel for the organization, and the current fashion styles that they are selling.  Observe the pricepoints of the fashions they sell, and their target market.

Asking questions during the interview allows you an opportunity to continue selling yourself. Have a list prepared, so you can refer to it in the interview.

Selling Yourself

Honestly assess your employment background and any study that you have done in the fashion industry. Explain the skills and knowledge that you learnt whilst studying your fashion course. If you have done relevant work experience, explain the tasks that you did, the knowledge that you acquired from working at that company.

Your Behavior Should Be Friendly, Yet Businesslike.

Listen closely to questions and make sure your responses are concise and relevant. Don’t allow your responses to wander. If the answer to a question is complex, use examples to make your point.

Show interest in the company and the interviewer by asking questions yourself, but don’t dominate the interview.

As the interview moves to a close, express your appreciation and your interest in the job and company.

Pay  (Otherwise Known as Reumeration or Compensation)

Pay can be a difficult topic to talk about for a lot of people. All too often, individuals clumsily handle this question when asked. When confronted with the question of compensation, always answer truthfully. Be prepared- decide ahead of time how you will respond to “I need to know if we can afford you. What are you looking for?” ( if you are stuck, a sample rate of pay can be found later in this manual.)

Ending the Interview

Always end the interview assertively. If you want something, ask for it. A job is no different. Remember, you are competing against not only the other applicants for a position but against every mundane answer given by every candidate that person has ever interviewed.

When ending the interview, you should say something like this:

“Thanks for taking the time from your schedule to speak with me today. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and think the company is doing some exciting things…hope to hear from you soon.”

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